Review: The Knitter's Nest

Knitter's Nest Facade
The same weekend we visited North Woods Farm Fiber & Yarn Shop, Isaac and I also took a quick trip to Landrum, SC to check out the Knitter's Nest. I had never been to downtown Landrum, but it's a small cute downtown area near the North Carolina border. It reminds me of small backwoods towns that I've accidentally ended up in during my travels... probably because that's exactly what it is. :)

Admittedly, after North Woods Farm, any yarn shop would have some competition, but what we found at the Knitter's Nest was disappointing. The yarn selection was nice and arranged by weight, but I just found it severely lacking. 

Front Part of the Shop
This may be something that only I come across, but I've had friends mention it as well - I'm a relatively young woman, but I've been crocheting five years or so. I'm not new to the world of fiber arts. So, why exactly am I often ignored when I walk into a yarn shop (or worse, treated like I'm going to shop lift)? Don't a lot of moms and grandmothers teach their children and grandchildren to crochet or knit? Why be rude to people who are younger than you, especially when you have the same hobbies and interests?
Yarn selection at the back
That, at it's core, was my problem with the Knitter's Nest. When you walk in, there is a large desk (not like a check out desk, a computer desk with a chair and a woman staffing it). I said hello and was greeted tersely back. She didn't look away from her computer the entire time we were in there (which was about 30 minutes or so) and when I tried to check out with some nice alpaca yarn, I was ignored. I ended up not buying the yarn because of how rude the service was - which is a shame because their website promises that I "can expect high quality service along with personal attention to your project or shopping experience" which was not the case.

However, not everyone who goes in there is guaranteed to have an awful experience, and it is still a solid local yarn shop, especially for a town as small as Landrum.
Yarn Bowls
They had a lovely selection of yarn and some cute accessories. I hadn't seen these yarn bowl designs, which were ceramic. They were simple, but cute.
Yarn for Dyeing
There was also a large selection of dye-able yarns including silk, cotton, wool and more. I don't think I've come across a yarn shop with section specifically for dyeing, but I might not have been paying attention either. 
Local Yarn!
What I like most about local yarn shops... is local yarn! This was from another alpaca farm in South Carolina. This seemed to be the only yarn they had in stock. 

They also had a pretty wide selection of crochet and knitting magazines (including back issues), which was nice. I don't have a subscription to any crochet magazines, but I like to browse through them. 
Awesome mug!

This mug was also in the shop by their coffee machine (free to use for anyone) but it was NOT FOR SALE and that was probably the most upsetting part of this trip, because it's so great!! 

Overall, the Knitter's Nest is a decent yarn shop and fulfills its duty to the people of Landrum. Would I make another trip while in the area? Probably not. I like to at least be acknowledged while in a yarn shop. But it has pretty yarns and some cute accessories. 
Oh and I guess this?
Plus who can turn down SPECAILTY YARNS?