Review: North Woods Farm Fiber & Yarn Shop

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went up to Spartanburg, South Carolina to visit some of his family. Since I've started to do reviews of local yarn shops (and we had time to kill), I looked up what was in the area. Spartanburg isn't exactly a big city, but there's a decent amount of people there, so I was hoping we'd find something. There actually isn't a LYS in Spartanburg proper! However, there is a yarn shop in Inman, SC, which is actually where his parents live. It is also an alpaca farm!! I love alpacas! When I found that out, I knew we had to go. I'm glad we did because North Woods Farm Fiber & Yarn Shop is a delightful little find. 
Outside on a dreary day
It was a rainy Saturday when we made our trek out there. It's definitely not a place you can just 'happen across' - you have to look it up and know that it's there. It also doesn't look like much when you drive up, just a warehouse looking building with a bunch of cars outside. 
However, as promised, there are definitely alpacas.
I was promised alpacas and there were definitely alpacas. I counted at least fifteen when we drove up, but I didn't get to pet any or spend much time. It was a really muddy day. However, the owner said she could sell me one, so if I ever decide I want to become an alpaca farmer, I know where to go.
First impression
While the outside of North Woods wasn't the most impressive, I can't say the same about the inside. I was actually somewhat overwhelmed when we walked in.
Unspun fiber
As mentioned, it's not just a yarn shop! It's a fiber shop as well. I couldn't really get a close look, but it looks like there were all types of fiber you could purchase to spin into yarn: cotton, wool, alpaca(!!), and more. 
Yarn porn! Look at that selection!
There was SO MUCH yarn at this shop. I'm not sure I even saw it all. The prices were okay. I didn't go in there with any particular yarn in mind. There were a lot of brands I recognized and liked and then some I didn't. There were also a lot of yarns I've only seen online. ;)
LYS swag
This was really the only thing I could find in their shop that had their name on it. Not exactly the cutest LYS swag, but their selection and other locally sourced goods made up for it. They had their own alpaca fiber that had been spun into yarn for sale (although I'm not sure I snapped any pictures of it, or if I did, I did something dumb with the pictures). 
I should have bought these.
Like most yarn shops, there was a decent selection of needles and hooks, but nothing I hadn't seen before. They had a few Brittany crochet hooks, which I find to be more pretty than practical, but they look like magic wands, and who can turn that down? There were some Lantern Moon stitch markers and the pictured-above YarnDots, which I had never seen before. They're cute and smart ass (which I'm a big fan of), but I don't really get the whole point of them. I'm sure I could have found a reason to get them anyway.
While there was a large selection of notions like scissors, stitch markers, and whatnot, I think I was most excited to find cat socks. They're just really cute? My boyfriend bought me a pair! 
Handmade Yarn Bowls
In the seating area (where there was quite a few knitters hanging out), there was a table with these really pretty yarn bowls. They were made from wood by a local artist which their initials burned into the bottom. The smallest one was I think $50 which was a little pricier than I could afford, but they were still lovely. 
Alpaca Crossing
What I think I appreciate the most about North Woods Farm Fiber & Yarn Shop is that this is definitely their shop - all of the knitters seemed to know each other, and there was a lot of stuff around the shop showing their love of what they do. There were lots of alpaca things, old comics, and birthday cards showing that this was a well-loved part of their community. 
Handmade Hedgehog
I love the cute details around of handmade items showing off the yarn - there was a flamingo as well as this hedgehog.
My haul from the weekend
And, because I can't walk away from a LYS with great yarns unscathed, there's my haul. I bought a skein of Manos del Uruguay Alegria and a skein of Araucania (yarn above not for sale at this link). I ALSO GOT THE CUTEST KEYCHAIN EVER. IT'S A LITTLE CROCHETED SWEATER! Ahh!! It's so cute! The sweater and the Araucania were both on sale because they both contained cotton or linen (hooray summer sales)! Also, for frequent customers, every $10 you spend in on a loyalty card and once you reached $150, your next purchase is 15% off. 

I think I might attempt to make socks with my Alegria skein because I've never done that before. Hopefully it turns out okay.

Overall, North Woods Farm Fiber & Yarn Shop is a great not-so-little shop in an otherwise quiet town. It's a warm atmosphere with a fantastic selection of yarn. There's an electric ball winder for people who buy hanks which is interested to watch but also concerning when it doesn't go as planned. It's also a great shop to check out if you're interested in learning how to spin your own yarn! 

Oh, did I mention there's a cat? BECAUSE THERE'S A CAT
I'll probably make an effort to stop there every time I head to Spartanburg/Greenville area. If you're not nearby, you can check out their website because they do sell a few yarns online. They don't appear to sell their homespun alpaca yarn, but who knows? Maybe they will. :) 

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