Look at me, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Pattern

IT'S FREE PATTERN FRIDAY SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Uh, I guess it means a free pattern.

Apparently I am not the only one who watches Rick and Morty, which is a new show on Cartoon Network that is both delightful and disturbing. Right up my alley, right? Horrorcute. It's a thing. Anyway, the Mr. Meeseeks episode was a lot of fun and I figured he would be relatively easy to crochet - not the easiest thing in the world, but still relatively straightforward. And he was! He can't stand on his own, but he's a very cuddly guy. He also has an added bonus of not wanting to kill himself when he's fulfilled his purpose. If only I could get him to make more of himself, amirite?

I'm Mr. Meeseeks!
f or g hook
Blue yarn (I used some blue unnamed dk or sport weight baby yarn, but I think Vanna's Choice in 'Aqua' is the closest color I've found, but Lily Sugar & Cream in Hot Blue might work - the color and material is up to you, the pattern will still work)
Black Embroidery Thread 
10mm safety eyes
Polyfil stuffing
poly pellets
pipe cleaners
yarn needle

Stitches/Abbreviations Used
sc - single crochet
inc - increase
blo - back loops only
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
** repeat until desired number of stitches


Head & Body
1. magic ring, or ch 3 with 6 sc into first ch (6)
2. inc around (12)
3. *inc, sc in next st* (18)
4. *inc, sc in next 2 st* (24)
5. *inc, sc in next 3 st* (30)
6. *inc, sc in next 4 st* (36)
7. *inc, sc in next 5 st* (42) 
8-13. sc around (total of 252 sts for those of you who like to count)
14. *invdec, sc in next 5* (36)
15-16. sc around (72 sts total)
17. *inv dec, sc in next 4* (30)
18.  *invdec, sc in next 3* (24) 
19. *invdec, sc in next 2* (18)
20. *invdec, sc in next st* (12)
(it's probably around here where you'll want to set your safety eyes and maybe stuff your head - remember to keep your eyes close together!)
21. *inc, sc in next 2 st* (18) 
22-26. sc around (90 sts total)
27. sc 9, in, sc 9, in (20 st)
28-39. sc around (240 sts total)
40. *sc 3, inc* (24)
41. sc around (24)
42. *sc 4, inc* (30)
43. *invdec, sc 3* (24)
44. *invdec, sc 2* (18)
45. *invdec, sc* (12)
46. *invdec* (6) 
47. Finish off, stuff and stitch closed.

Legs (make 2)
I would like to figure out how to better explain this, so please ask if you need help!
1. ch 5
2. sc across (4) and work on other side of the chain to reach 9 sts
3. inc, inc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, inc, inc (13) 
4. sc 4, then inc 3 times (16)
5. sc around in blo (16)
6. sc 4, then invdec 2 (14)
7. sc 11, then invdec 3 times (11)
8. sc 7, then invdec 2 times (9)
9-25. sc around (153 sts total)

I know the above seems confusing, but you want to make sure to keep your decreases on one side so you can shape the foot to be more pointed rather than a ball! I will attempt to clarify should you have any questions/make it more precise when I have done this pattern more than once because as it stands, I just wrote down notes as I was making it. :)


Arms (make 2)
1. ch 4.
2. sc across (3) and other side of chain to reach 5 sts
3. *inc, sc* 4 times, then sc (9)
4-6. sc around (27 sts total)
7. sc in the first 8 sts, then in the 9th st, yarn over then draw through one loop (do not complete your stitch!) 4 times, then look through all loops on hook. It will look like a little bump - not quite a bobble stitch (it's a little thinner than a traditional bobble stitch, I think)
8-9. sc around (18)
10. sc 4, invdec, sc 3 (8)
11. sc 3, invdec, sc 3 (7)
12-24. sc around (52 sts total)
25. Finish off.

Fill hands and feet with polyfil beads, cut two pipe cleaners in half and bend until they fit into the size of the arms and legs. Stitch legs to bottom and arms where head meets the body. Embroider the face. Look at him! He's Mr. Meeseeks!

Cannot take two strokes off your golf game.
This pattern is yet untested so please let me know if you have any questions! I welcome your feedback! I've written a lot of patterns, but not with such weird little details as this guy (except maybe the fetus...), so I hope to improve if need be. 

If for some reason you happened across this, but don't actually know how to crochet, you can find Mr. Meeseeks in my shop! If you're a fan of my patterns, you can find me on twitter @ramenneedles and like me on Facebook for updates of when I post new ones. :D

Normally I'm fine with people selling things made from my patterns - and I can't really stop you - but I'd like you to not since I sell these in my shop myself. I put the work into making the pattern so I'd like the benefit if possible. Feel free to make them for friends and family! 

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