Yarn Box Review: March 2014

Have y'all heard of Yarn Box? It's pretty much the best thing ever. It's a yarn subscription service!! I know there's Knit Crate, but that's a) more expensive and b) aimed pretty much entirely to knitters from what I've gathered. I like that they have different options for the type of yarn you can pick, but all the patterns included are knit. :(

However, Yarn Box is friendly to those of us that hook! They include 2-4 skeins of yarn per month and both a knitting & crochet pattern - and both of those come with discount codes should you choose to buy some patterns from this month's featured designers. March is actually my first month to receive my Yarn Box, so I was ridiculously excited!!
Wait, how they'd know?!

I wish I could have some of those stickers on hand just for... reasons. Anyway, onto the actual yarn. 
This is what was actually in this months yarn box for me! March's yarn is from a new company called Siidegarte, which is a Swiss company. The particular yarn featured is Siide-Flauschig, a 50% merino wool, 50% silk worsted weight blend. One skein is 100g & 273 yards, and since this is a JUMBO skein that is 546 yards to work with! (!!!) 
There were two options of color, Bachbumele (which is what I received) and Aichblatt, which looks to be a really pretty earthy green color. 
See! 200g of yarn!!
Designers featured this month are Alex Tinsley (who makes some awesome stuff that I cannot... since I don't know how to knit) and Deja Jetmir. With my coupon code, I bought 2 more patterns of Deja's, mostly because she has a lot of Fair Isle crochet and I've never tried that. :)

So! If you sign up for one month at a time, it's $39/month. A 3 month subscription is $37/month and a 6 month subscription is $35/month, but those are both paid upfront. There's also the option of paying $21/month but only receiving a Yarn Box every two months. You can also state your color preferences! Is it worth it? Let's break it down:
Total Value: $74.49 EXCLUDING shipping from Switzerland & value of discount codes. So... is it worth it? DEFINITELY. 

I am putting my subscription on hold until I can afford a six month subscription, but as it stands, if you are someone who loves high quality yarn, Yarn Box is the way to go! You'll have to sign up to be notified of when they have new spaces since they're currently sold out, but it is great. If they had a referral service, I would not so subtly put my link here. ;) 

*I am in no way affiliated with Yarn Box or any of the above designers and these opinions are exclusively my own.


  1. Thank you for your amazing review! I'm glad you like your Yarnbox!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your box. I just got my first box and I love the yarn but the patterns confused me -- I got two skeins of lace weight yarn and two patterns for DK weight yarn. ???