Review: The Yarn Patch

Hello! I've been running this blog since 2011, but have only posted patterns. In an effort to be more consistent and perhaps inspire more pattern-making, I'm going to try to regularly post and blog. That may include everything from cool yarns I've come across, patterns I've been meaning to post forever, yarn reviews, neat listings in my shop (should I ever actually manage to do that), and reviews of local yarn shops! You see, I do a fair amount of travelling. My mother lives in Atlanta, my father lives in Nashville, I currently live in South Carolina but may end up in Illinois for graduate school, and my best friend lives in Alabama. While I hate driving and spending time in a car, I do like seeing people I love and it's a bonus when I get to check out a new yarn shop! 
The Yarn Patch

First up for review: The Yarn Patch located in Crossville, TN off exit 322 on Interstate 40. Why am I being so specific with their location? Because they have the privilege of being the only yarn shop I've ever seen with a billboard - both ways on I-40! They have a website too, but unlike a lot of yarn store websites, you can actually order yarn from them - you can support them even if you never get to stop by (and sign up for their newsletter)!

There used to be a shop next door where a lady taught people how to spin their own yarn, but it has since closed. :(

Greeted by some cheerful yarn bombed posts! 
Since my dad lives in Nashville and I generally see him at least two or three times a year, I had driven past this yarn shop so many times without stopping. It's over a seven hour drive from Columbia to Nashville, so by the time I get to Crossville, TN, I'm not necessarily interested in stopping for yarn, but on a whim I did, and I'm glad I did! However, there doesn't seem to be much else of interest in this town (at least not that I noticed? I could be wrong). The Yarn Patch is literally the only reason I would ever stop here. However, that should be a testament of how great the shop really is!

It's really big inside and there are three rooms - one that is small with buttons and books, the main entrance, and another side room. It's organized by fiber rather than weight, and have some really unique yarns that I hadn't seen before.
Main room - with swift & yarn ball winder
Like a lot of great local yarn shops, the Yarn Patch has their own yarn ball winder and swift, so if you buy something, they'll spin it into a ball for you - hooray! I hate hanks of yarn! Well, I mean, I love them, but I don't love trying to roll them up into a ball. I had a nightmare of a time trying to that with some Plymouth 24K yarn last week (and I'm still bitter about it). 

The Yarn Patch appears to have eight different kinds of classes offered, only one of which is crochet. Good for knitters, I suppose! ;)
Second room, near their baby collection of baby items!
There is also a lot of seating room, making it a comfortable place to have a knitting or crochet night. From their website, there's nothing listed about local events like that, but I imagine you could talk to the staff about planning something (if there's not already something). If you sign up for their newsletter, you might be invited to be a part of their brown bag KAL - they'll ship you the yarn! 

Yarn Patch has a small social media presence - they have a Facebook page, but not much else. It's been updated recently, but before that was January. Regardless, it's great to see local yarn shops reaching out online to their community! 
Collection of accessories
What I really love is how many accessories the yarn patch has - necklaces, hooks, wash, looms, stitch markers, and so much more. Last time I was there, they had a few handthrown yarn bowls which were gorgeous (I will own one someday)! I think that yarn shops can set themselves apart from the rest when they had something unique to offer - go into your own local community and find artists to feature in your shop, like screen prints, ceramic yarn bowls, and jewelry. There are crafts that can feature yarn that us crocheters and knitters can't do, but still appreciate! ;)
Yarn Porn!!
It also helps if yarn shops have beautiful and unique yarns! ;)
Yarn Patch Swag!
 Although I can't get enough of branded swag at local shops. The Yarn Patch only has nail files (of various designs) with their name on it, but I've seen Baggu bags, pins, tape measures, and a lot of other stuff. I am an absolute sucker for this kind of stuff - I love showing my support!
My purchase from the Yarn Patch - Cascade Sunseeker
Last but not least - this was my personal purchase from the Yarn Patch. It's Cascade's Sunseeker, which is 47% cotton, 48% acrylic, and 5% metallic yarn in jewels. It was $8.50 for a 217m hank. The colors are gorgeous... I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but it is very pretty. 

Overall, the Yarn Patch is a beautiful local yarn shop which a huge array of yarns to choose from. I'd be thrilled if it was an option here in Columbia (the closest LYS to me is closing). I think that they have an online presence that people can shop from is fantastic, but I wish they would be more consistent in their social media presence. There's a wide array of classes, mostly for knitters, and is great for residents of the area. 

This was a lot longer than I anticipated, but it's mostly pictures, so it's okay, right? These will ideally get better with time, but let me know what you think and what kinds of things you'd like to see more of in the future. :)

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