Gift Ideas for Yarn Crafters

Maybe it's just me, but as much as I love crocheting, it is a very specific hobby that loved ones may find difficult to shop for when looking for gifts around the holidays. I mean, I know what I want, but it's difficult to explain the difference between worsted and light worsted weight and dye lots to someone whose eyes gloss over the moment you mention angora. So, I figured I'd offer some guidance! 

Hopefully this will be an ongoing series because I have a LONG list of things that would be great to receive for the holidays... and yes, I may be sending these posts to friends and family! I'll also try to incorporate a wide variety of things and recognize that not everyone can afford pricey gifts, so some will be budget-friendly, but still adorable. I also want to try and support independent artists when it comes to fiber arts rather than large companies - so most of the items featured will be handmade and designed by the people selling them! :)

I cannot tell you how badly I want to try a Furls hook. Not only do they make them in various types of wood, but they also have a less expensive Candy Shop line. The candy shop line is only available in hook sizes F, G, H, & I but those are the most common sizes I use, so no complaints from me. The wood ones can be made in any size you can think of, but do take up to three weeks to be made and shipped within the United States. 

However that long wait time is well worth it - Furls wooden hooks are absolutely gorgeous and handmade from scratch. You can pick your own wood and hook size. Not only that, but they're backed by a $500 hand health guarantee. These hooks promise an easier time crocheting, which is fantastic if you or your loved one crochets for hours at a time (like I tend to do). 

While I've never seen one in person, the pictures on their website are beautiful and it seems like these would be wonderful heirlooms to pass on through the year. They don't come with a low price tag, but the craftsmanship and ergonomic handle are worth the investment. Furls also sells a functional crochet necklace

2. Stitch Markers
This may seem like a pretty unoriginal idea for a gift, or possibly even cheap, but Lantern Moon's stitch markers are absolutely the cutest things you will ever see. They're hand crocheted and teeny tiny! Knitters may find more use for them than those of us that crochet, but the could easily be made into some adorable earrings as well. At $10 for a set of six stitch markers, these are affordable and cute! Their designs range from ducks to snowflakes to sheep to the squirrels and acorns featured on the left. 

I came across these quirky designs when I was in Nashville and visiting the Haus of Yarn (great yarn store, by the way)! Meg Strong works at Haus of Yarn and designs these little cards which come with an array of messages, both sweet and sassy. While most of them are knit-themed, there's a few that could go either way (like the one pictured, but also this one, which I bought while in Nashville)! 

What's great about Knit Knotes is that they are great to include with handmade gifts as both a card and a way to provide instructions on how to take care of the garments. Nothing like making someone a wool hat only to have them call you to tell you that they dried it with high heat! 

You can find Knit Knotes on Etsy or see if they're sold in an yarn store near you

4. This Awesome Yarn Pyramid Print
This poster is a take on the old school food pyramid and looks like an educational poster. Definitely perfect for those of us who consume a high-fiber diet, amirite? 

Who doesn't love yarn themed art anyway?! I came across this poster in the same trip I came across the Knit Knotes at Haus of Yarn. I would have bought it immediately, but it was their last one and they weren't allowed to sell it - luckily, they gave me the information to buy it when I got home. 

It would go great in a craft room, especially if yours is like me and pretty much just stuffed with yarn. At $22, you could probably even afford to get this poster framed so it looks even better. 

You can also find this online or perhaps in a retailer near you

5. Earth, Wool & Fire Yarn Bowl
I came across Earth, Wool & Fire on Tumblr and immediately fell in love with their work. It is seriously some of the most impressive stuff I've seen - and I've definitely spent several hours looking at yarn bowls on Etsy. 

Yarn bowls are pretty much the height of fancy indulgent product that isn't really necessary but is so cool to have (and so pretty)! 

What is really great is that they have a whole range of products that can really fit into any budget - their prices range from around $30 to $150. You can still get something very nice without having to break the bank, or you can go all out and get that sweet TARDIS bowlEarth, Wool & Fire also sells a lot of buttons, crochet hook holders, knitting needle vases, mugs, and a lot of other awesome ceramic products. If you're interested, you can buy their products via their Etsy but Earth, Wool & Fire also takes orders through their Facebook, Twitter, and email at

All right, then! This wraps up the first post in the series of Gifts for Yarn Crafters! Admittedly, this is pretty much just my Wishlist in blog form, but hopefully this gives some inspiration to those of you looking for help. Let me know what you think! :)   

*I am not affiliated with any of the above artists, nor are these sponsored posts. I just wanted to share cool stuff I came across!*

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