Crochet Patches for Jeans

RIP Watson the iPhone
 Maybe it's a little weird to open this post with my old cracked iPhone, but it's really what inspired me to do this. You see, I originally cracked my phone when we were moving last June and it was just a tiny crack in the top right. Then a few months ago, I put my heel on the phone when it was on the table (I thought I was putting my heel on the table) and it got worse. The final straw for me to get a new phone was after it fell out of a hole in my back pocket and cracked even more. It was still functional, but I was due for an upgrade anyway. Now I have a shiny new Galaxy Note 3! 

I was so mad at myself for having a hole in the back pocket of my jeans. That wasn't the first time my jeans had betrayed me like that - I had lost money before, too! Grr! So, I did what any sane person would do.

The ugliest patch
I fixed it with yarn. Yep. You can make fun of me for it if you want to, but it works and I always have yarn on hand. It's not the prettiest patch up job, but these are my old jeans - they're covered in paint and have other holes. I mean, they were bought distressed (on clearance, so cut me some slack). 
"Artsy" jeans
However, when I bought them, they didn't have holes per se... they were distressed, but not yet holes. Now they are, though! I hate having holes in my jeans. You can see my pocket through the hole and sometimes I get my toes stuck and the hole rips bigger.

No good.

So, I decided to crochet some patches for my jeans! I have so much leftover yarn that I don't really know what to do with all of it. 

All the patches! 
There's really no limit for what kind of patches you can make - there's so many free patterns for appliques that could very easily be jean patches.
I made four patches (but only ended up using three for the final product). I used this pattern for my heart patch.

The rectangle patch was just however wide I needed it to be and then crocheted in half-double crochet.

The star was my own pattern: 

1. ch 4 (counts as dc), 9dc in first ch. Pull ring closed, sl st into top of ch3 (10 sts)
2. ch 1, *sc, dc, tr* in first st, then *tr, dc, sc* in next stitch. Repeat four more times, sl st at end of row.
3. *hdc, hdc, hdc, ch 3, hdc hdc hdc, sl st* five times, then finish off with a long tail.

This has not been tested so let me know if it actually works. 
Stitching patches to jeans
It's pretty easy once you've made the patches - just stitch them over the holes! I used one of the smaller needles that came with my Clover Chibi and it goes through denim just fine. I thought it would be more difficult than it actually ended up being. It may be more difficult with newer denim, but old distressed denim was fine. 
Two patches done!

Since these are my crafting jeans, it made sense to have crocheted patches on them, don't you think? I mean, they're already covered in paint. Make sure when you're stitching your patches to your jeans that you don't actually stitch through both pieces of fabric - you don't want to sew your pants shut. :)

Star Patch
I'm sure you could use whatever yarn you wanted for this project - cotton would work well. You could go the ~super trendy~ route and go with white fingering weight cotton, which would produce pretty lacy patches. I've seen crocheted lace details on shorts in stores since last summer, but why pay for it when you can upcycle some old clothes? 

I used leftover Misti Alpaca sock yarn for my patches and I think they turned out cute.
Final Product

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