Spiral Beanie

I had made a hat similar to this (just using backpost double crochet, that's about all that is similar), but I just did not like it. It was too short and no matter how many alterations/additions/changes I made to the pattern, it pissed me off. I won't tell you what pattern it is, because I'm sure someone worked very hard on it. Badmouthing specific people seems mean.

I did really like the idea of the spiral though, but I figured I could make it the way I wanted. I asked if people on tumblr wanted the pattern. They said yes. Well, here it is. :)

Spiral Beanie
Stitches needed:
Ch - chain
dc - double crochet
bpdc - backpost double crochet
bptr - backpost triple crochet
fpdc - front post double crochet
sl st - slip stitch
** repeat what it is inside asterisks*

I used one skein of Bamboo Ewe by Debbie Stoller, but really any worsted weight yarn will do.

I used an H hook!

Note: You will probably want to keep a stitch marker as to where you end, as this is crochet in the round!
1. Magic circle, or ch 4 and dc 12. Pull tight. (12)
2. bpdc increase around. (24)
3. *bpdc in next stitch, bpdc increase* (36)
4. *bpdc in next two stiches, bpdc increase* (48)
5. *bpdc in next three stitches, bpdc increase* (60)
6. *bpdc in next four stitches, bpdc increase* (72)

This is as far as I usually increase for my hats. My head is approximately 21 inches around. If your head is larger, feel free to do another round of *bpdc in next six stitches, bpdc increase* but it is not necessary.

8. From here on, continue your hat, but rather than crocheting in bpdc, continue with bptr. Crochet around until hits the top of your ears.
9. When it hits the top of your ears, make your way to the back (should've had your stitch marker there!) and sl st into the hat.
10. Ch 3, then *fpdc, bpdc* around and join.
11. Repeat step 10 until you have three rows of ridges, or until satisfied with length of hat.

View of the hat from the top.

I realize these directions might be shaky/not definite enough, so let me know if there are any errors.

I can also crochet this hat for you if you do not know how. Feel free to make a request via my shop! It is not currently in there, but feel free to look through there. I have lots of other neat stuff for sale. :D

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This pattern is a Ramen Needles original and it would be nice if you would be so kind as to not sell the pattern. Feel free to sell finished products, but please (pretty please) credit the pattern to me. It makes me sad when it happens, and if it happens too much, maybe I'll start selling patterns instead, you know?


  1. Hi there, I really like this pattern, but I just realized that I don't know how to make increases with bpdc. Could you pleas explain it.

  2. Hi. I'm glad you like the pattern. To bpdc increase, you go under the same post you just made a stitch in and bpdc again.

  3. This is turning out pretty cool so far, lol

  4. I don't get it when you say "make your way back"....back to what? The very very first stitch?

  5. I'm sorry to hear that Ashley! When I say 'make your way back', I mean you get to the back of the hat, generally where the beginning of your row is. What happened that it ended up badly?

  6. This pattern isn't coming out how other hat patterns I've made have. It definitely needs a fix in the pattern, or you need to be more thorough. T looks like a placemat, not a hat

    1. I agree...so far I have wasted a whole morning and part of an afternoon on this hat. I am a VERY experienced crocheter, and this simple pattern is not turning out the way I had hoped.

  7. It comes out flat until you get to the last three rows and then starts to pull together. I think I am going to have to make some decreases here to save this hat.

  8. I'd say I'm a beginner crocheter, but fast at the craft. This pattern is not so complex and confusing as to post comments about how difficult it is or that time was wasted. I referenced the photo of her wearing the hat and the top view photo she provided. If I noticed I stitched to few or to many I adjusted. What I have realized is you aren't going to execute a pattern perfectly, you have to improvise occasionally. The only improvising I've had to do was to fix my own mistakes. Great pattern, fun stitch, fun style. Thank you

  9. Omg I love love this pattern! Took me a couple tries to get it down, but loved it! Thanks so much!!

  10. Beautiful pattern. Super simple to read/follow. Only it turns out huge. I should have stopped at 60, but I thought maybe after coming together at the end it would "come together" more. Easy fix...well, minus going all the way back to the increase stage. But overall, thanks for sharing, makes for a cool reversible style beanie!