Narwhal Pattern

I've had a lot of people request my patterns and I've had to think about it. I had to actually figure out how to write a pattern (usually I just make them up as I go or make adjustments to a pattern I'm working on), and I also had to decide if I was going to charge for them or if I was going to just make them free.

I figured I'd make them all free because my thoughts are if you're a decent enough crocheter, you can figure out how to make pretty much anything. So, yeah. There you go. Here's my first pattern... it's a narwhal, at the request of some redditors. (Hi guys!)

-Worsted Weight Yarn in your favorite Narwhal Color.
I used Lily Sugar N Cream in light blue, but stonewash in their denim series is fine. Or a dark blue, if you want a deeper narwhal
-Worsted Weight Yarn in White (for the tusk)
-safety eyes
-g hook (smaller if you want a tighter guage)
-polyfil stuffing

sc- single crochet
inc - increase (2 sc in same stitch)
dc - double crochet
hdc - half double crochet
trc - triple/treble crochet
invdec - invisible decrease ()
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
# in parentheses is # of stitches you should have at the end of the round
Repeat from ** six times

1. sl st, then ch 2.
2. 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
3. Increase around (12)
4. *1sc in next st, then inc* (18)
5. *1sc in next 2 st, then inc* (24)
6. *1sc in next 3 st, then inc* (30)
7-11. sc around (30 x 5 = 150!)
12. *1sc in next 3 st, then invdec* (24)
13. sc around (24)
14. *1sc in next 2st, then invdec* (18)
15 - 17. sc around
(You will probably want to place eyes and stuff your narwhal here!)
18. *1 sc, invdec* (12)
19 - 20. sc around
21. Close up the tail. Make sure your eyes are situated the way you want them to be, as in you want them to be even to the tail. Stick your crochet hook through your stitch, and the stitch on the other side, then sc on top of that stitch. I've included two pictures to try to illustrate a little further.
Closing up
The first stitch
Crocheting on top.

You should have six stitches which will close up the tail.

For the actual fin:
ch 1, dc in next st, 3trc in next st, sl st, sl st, 3trc in next st, dc. FO.

Fins (make two):
1. ch 4
2. hdc in next st, then another hdc in the next st. FO.
Yes, they're small and easy. :)

1. ch 3, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook
2-8. sc around, FO

Stitch together! There's your narwhal.

For those of you who like my work, feel free to check out my actual blog here!

And those of you too lazy to make your own, my narwhal is available in my shop, too!